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No.#1 Dog Groomers & Doggy Day Care in Sherborne, Dorset

Do you worry about your furry friend while your away from home? Perhaps leaving them with a neighbour or friend who don’t really have the facilities for them that you would really llike. And be comfortable with. When they are left at our doggy day care regular visits to our secure compound and plenty of kennel visits ensures your buddy is always being well looked after while they are in our doggy day care in Sherborne, Dorset.

Here at Country Style Dog Grooming & Doggy Day Care Centre, we love our dogs and want your dogs to love us too.  We spend quality time with your dogs to make them comfortable and accustomed with the staff and the surroundings.

Established within a 250 acres of dairy farmland, our on-site day care facility has plush green surroundings and stable grounds for your dogs to feel active and naturally stimulated.

Be it our spacious indoor rooms, playing compounds or the outdoor garden, there is plenty of room for your pooch to look and sniff around. And of course, meet and make new friends!

We provide luxury grooming and day care facilities in a loving, calm environment suitable for all breeds of dogs of all ages. We will give your dog(s) all the time necessary to ensure he or she has a happy stress-free experience.

We offer a wide range of packages and options. Whether you wish to bring your dog(s) to us to be groomed and pampered and picked up when we have finished or simply book them into our heated day care kennels with an option of a full day care and grooming package.

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Meet our Specialist for Dog Grooming in Sherborne

Sue our certified groomer is simply amazing. She is a natural charmer, and get along with dogs in no time.  She will treat your dogs with love and affection during their stay, no matter how short or long it is!

Do not worry, she will not spoil your dog with treats but only with unadulterated love and warmth! A dog groomer by profession and animal lover , she has got enough experience under her belt to create a warm caring enviroment

We take extra special care in working with dogs with special needs. Just let us know when you book. Whatever your dog needs, that makes your life easier and leaves your dog looking and feeling tip top would be arranged for the all round care.

Contact Sue at the Country Style Dog Grooming & Doggy Day Care.

What All To Expect In Our Doggy Day Care in Sherborne, Dorset?

Dog Grooming

We are sure you like your pooch prim and proper all the time. But that doesn’t happen in reality as he/she meanders in nooks and crannies; play around with other dogs; irregular bathing so on so forth.

As leading Dog Groomers in Sherborne, Dorset, we provide full grooming services including complete body health check, pre-groom, bath, brush, blow dry, and more.

We have both standard and special packages to offer. Consult us for the packages and the prices as it may vary depending on dog breed, size and of course, the fur.

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Hygiene Essentials

Hygiene is extremely important for your dog, in all the months of the year.  We provide a wide range of services that includes regular dental care,ultrasonic teeth cleaning, nail clipping, ear cleaning and more to maintain the optimum hygiene standard.

As professionals within this industry  we  will closely examine your dog prior to any day care or treatments taking place to determine your best friend is healthy and happy .To ensure they stay this way we advise regular visits and treatments to our Doggy Grooming salon and  Doggy Day Care in Sherborne, Dorset.

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Doggy Day Care

We understand that you can’t be around your dogs all the time and you only want the very best care for them if your not around Right?

Here at Countrystyle Dog Grooming we want this to feel like their second home with our luxury heated Dog Kennels in Sherborne, Dorset.

The kennels have regular water troughs and radio to keep them entertained!  Book our exclusive doggy spa day packages which offers full day care facilities from 8am-6pm along with other services.

Drop us a call To arange a suitable drop off and pick up time. Why not treat your best friend to one of our wonderful  packages while they are  chilling at Doggy Day Care in Sherborne, Dorset.

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Doggy Day Care Packages

We offer plenty of choices to our customers as per their needs and comfort. Whether it’s your regular job, socializing, or going you go for a long trip, we are just a home away from your home for the furry friend.

You can choose any single service – grooming, spa, general hygiene sitting or a mix of all. Talk to our experts for guidance and get a customized package for your dog.

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Does your dog like being Warm happy and stimulated Well,  our heated kennels are an ideal place for your pooch to relax . Each kennel has HIK9 bed for extra warmth and water trough to keep the bowl filled.

They are fed on time and played with in our secure compound to keep them stimulated and happy . Bring their special bedding and blankets if you like so your dog feels safe and secure like they do in their own home.

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Are you interested in any or all the services? Get in Touch With our professional team

Call us 07920 044 930 or write at sue@countrystyledoggrooming.co.uk to schedule a visit to our Doggy Day Care in Sherborne Dorset to examine the on-site facilities and services before making the final call for your furry buddy!

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Our years of dedicated day care and grooming services has made us a popular choice amongst many dog owners in Dorset. However, we would like you to make us your choice, at your free will.

After all, it is about your pet dog, and you must be sure of your final decision.

We would be more than pleased to assist your apprehensions, if any. Get in touch. Read what our valuable customers have to say about our services at Doggy Day Care in Sherborne, Dorset.

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