We can cater for all breeds and ages of dogs

Dog Grooming

Our full grooming service includes an overall body health check, pre-groom, bath, brush, blow dry, full body styling, eyes and ears cleaned and nails clipped. Prices will vary depending on the size of dog and coat condition. Dog grooming prices will be confirmed and agreed when we meet your dog on site. We will then assess the condition and temperament and take into account coat condition and grooming requirements. Figures below are for purely guidance only.
If your dog has not been groomed for quite some time i.e. beyond the usual grooming schedule of between 6/8 weeks prices will vary particularly for wool/curly coated breeds.
For dogs booked in on a regular 6 weekly interval or on an agreed regular grooming schedule we offer a loyalty programme. Please contact me for further information.
Price examples
Toy Breeds from £25.00 - Miniature Dachshunds | Chihuahua
Small breeds from £30.00 - Jack Russell | French Bulldog
Medium from £35.00 - Spaniels | Miniature Schnauzer | Westie
Large from £40.00 - Labrador | Boxer | Dalmatian

Dog Kennels Sherborne Dorset

Preventative measures are essential for a healthy dog

Hygiene Essentials

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning creates and preserves effective dental hygiene for animals. Regular cleans can help prevent inflammations, periodontitis (gum disease) and tartar formation. We also carry out delicate ear cleaning to ensure your dogs hearing is not impaired along with careful nail clipping.

Pamper your dog for the day

Doggy Day Care

Luxury heated kennels with continuous flowing fresh water troughs and onsite radio 2 vibes to keep the doggies happy and amused.
We offer doggy spa day packages which include, full day care facilities from 8am-6pm. Playtime in the doggy compound and a full luxury groom including ears, nails and ultrasonic teeth clean. Please get in touch for prices.

For all your needs

Doggy Day Care Package

We recognise that we all live our lives at a fast pace and time is so valuable to us all. Our service is set up to make your life easier and enable you to continue with your busy life whether it be business, or socially knowing that your furry best friend is being looked after by professional dog loving owners. You can simply drop and switch off.
Arrive at 8 am onwards and leave up to 6 pm. Two walks & playtime within our doggy friendly compound, meals to be discussed and agreed.
£17 per dog per day.
Bath shampoo and blow dry - £19.00
Emmipet Ultrasonic teeth cleaning Fantastic for preventing tooth decay & attacking bacteria which helps create fresh breath - £17.00
Nail Clipping and ear cleaning - £10.00
Day Package to include all the above... Small dog packages start from £45, prices will vary due to size and condition of dogs.

Secure doggy day care kennels with 24 hour CCTV


The kennels are individually heated with raised HIK9 beds for extra warmth, along with constant filling water bowls. We provide a secure doggy play compound where each dog will have his treat and fun time whilst staying at the kennels. Special diets and medication are always catered for. All dogs will be covered by our own insurance under Country Style Dog Grooming. We ask you to bring your own bedding or blankets if required. We will also ask to see your dogs up to date vaccination record this will be photocopied and confidentially stored on record along with our disclosure policy that you will be asked signed when you leave your pooch with us.